Erin jumped into this assignment, trying out the hardware on Day One, and intuiting our customers’ questions and concerns. In her work products, she “spoke” the customers’ language to create documentation that is approachable and easy to understand.
— Richard Lazar, Founder, Readiness Systems
[Erin] learned quickly and produced quality work products. Her willingness to accept feedback from senior team members, and her prior technical writing experience, made her a valuable asset to the team.
— Sarah Garland Shanmugam, Training Manager, HP Enterprise Services
Erin had great technical understanding and was immediately able to hit the ground running and assist our department. Her greatest strengths are her organization skills, technical competency, and … focus at the task at hand.
— Justin Heitsch, VP Product Management, Umpqua Bank
Rarely have I see someone walk into a mature and complex project … and so quickly become a strong contributor to the team. ... She has such a great, accommodating, friendly personality that it makes her a privilege to work with under even the most demanding circumstances.
— John Bowers, User Experience Consultant, HP Enterprise Services