UI Text and Error Message Creation


UI Text and Error Message Creation

from 400.00

It can be hard to write UI text that’s clear, effective, and branded. Let me do it for you! Select the number of messages you need me to write.

A “message” is defined as a single element of UI text consisting of no more than 3 sentences that are meant to be read together in the same pop-up, tooltip, modal, or other screen grouping.

This service includes:

  • A 2-hour interview with you or a member of your team to determine the nature of the messages you need me to write.

  • All messages requested, delivered in a Word document.

  • One round of editing. (If you need additional rounds of editing, you can purchase them separately.)

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This service covers screen-level help text such as tooltips, error messages, screen guidance, etc. This service does not cover field names unless specifically requested.