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Who wants to use software they don't understand? You need docs that give your customers a clear path to success.

Delight Customers

Your customers have hundred of users and zero time for bullshit. You need docs that help them hit the ground running.

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SaaS products are more flexible than a Russian gymnast. You need flexible docs that save you time and money.

Erin is the person you always want on your team.
— Naomi Pusch, HP Enterprise

Hi! I’m Erin! I’ve been writing friendly docs for over 10 years.

I help companies communicate with their customers by creating approachable software documentation that isn't boring or hard to understand.

I'm a software industry veteran, with 10 years working in both waterfall and Agile development environments. From updating existing docs to creating the information architecture from scratch, I've done it all.

I've also worked as a magazine editor and copywriter for 5 years. I don't have the typical dry tech writing "voice;" instead, I write my docs with dynamic copy that keeps users engaged.


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