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I’ve been in the tech industry for over a decade and I want to share my experience and lessons learned with others.





Developing Documentation in Agile: Methods, Tips, and Strategies

Hopper x 1 Seattle, March 23

As Agile methodologies become the standard in software development, questions arise about the place of documentation on these teams. In this talk, I discuss why documentation remains an important concern in Agile development, how to successfully integrate a technical writer with the team, and how to work with leadership to get the best documentation outcomes for both teams and customers.


What Is Agile Anyway—And How Do I Fit In?

Society for Technical Communication Webinar, January 16

More and more development teams are embracing Agile methodologies to structure and inform their development processes. But what is Agile? What’s a “scrum,” and what the heck is a “kanban?” Also, doesn’t using an Agile development methodology mean that docs aren’t needed? In this talk, I explain the different kinds of Agile methodologies, and how the documentation effort fits into each. I’ll provide lessons learned from working as technical writer on multiple Agile teams, including the information you’ll need to get leadership on the side of integrating docs into development.




Never Stop Looking: using Constructive Greed to Advance Your Career

Bullish Conference, October 1

You made your resume, interviewed for the position, and finally got the job. Sweet! But when should you start looking for a new job? When is it okay angle for the promotion? When is the right time look for entrepreneurial opportunities in your current job or outside it? Short answer: immediately. In this talk, I cover why you should never stop looking for the next thing, the myth of waiting to apply, why numbers trump "experience," and how being greedy makes you less hungry and more likely to succeed.


Document Yourself: Tips for a Low(er) Stress Portfolio

Write the Docs North America, May 7

Building a portfolio is an exercise in documenting yourself: your writing, your skill, your journey as a professional. Like any other kind of documentation, it isn't easy or intuitive to create something great. And like any other kind of documentation, it's worth doing the hard work to get it right.

Thumbnail photo by Write the Docs, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.